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About Barkly Smokehouse

Barkly Smokehouse was formed in the mid 1950’s by Polish immigrants who manufactured and sold wholesale European smallgoods to polish delicatessens around Melbourne as well as retailing their smallgoods at their shop in Barkly Street, Footscray… which is where the name Barkly Smokehouse came from. Sixty years on we have grown considerably and now distribute to delicatessens, IGA supermarkets and quality food stores around Australia. This success is due to our focus on manufacturing high quality smallgoods, not cutting corners to increase profit margins at the expense of taste and quality. Our experienced staff take great pride in bringing to you the tastes from their European traditions.

Congratulations, I have been buying your ham for a long time, and will continue to do so, as it is the only Ham that actually tastes like Ham.
Regular Customer
My customers love the taste of the smallgoods made by Barklys, they ask for them and come back again and again to purchase. As a deli owner, I’m pleased that the smallgoods are so popular and sell themselves!
Deli Owner
I’ve been buying Barkly products for many years. I enjoy the flavour and juiciness of the sausages and hams, while still having a good lean meaty texture. I’ve often served up Grandmother Ham at special occasions and my family looks forward to it.
Longtime Customer