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Are your products gluten free? As we use Barley, which contains gluten, in our Black Pudding we cannot claim that our other products are gluten free. Having said that our Black Pudding is the last product made on any given day, and the factory is washed down afterwards because of this we would expect that the possibility of cross contamination from the barley would be infinitesimal. Many people who suffer from a gluten intolerance have eaten our Ham & Ham Products without suffering a reaction but much depends on the severity of a person’s particular tolerance level.

I have been buying your Grandmother Ham® for some time but when I purchased from a different store they sold me a product called Nona ham which they said was Grandmother Ham® is this true? No this is not true; by doing so they are “passing off” which is actually the practise of using a registered trade mark to sell someone else’s product in order to gain sales which is misleading and deceptive conduct; by doing so they are breaking the law as “Grandmother Ham®” is a registered trade mark of Barkly Smokehouse. This also applies to our product “Bomba Ham®”.

Do you deliver direct within the Melbourne Metropolitan area? No we do not deliver direct in the metropolitan area however you can find your nearest store by referring to our preferred stockist list. Another alternative is to visit our warehouse shop at Unit 16/ 327 Mansfield Street, Thornbury. The shop is open only between 6am and 12 noon Monday to Thursday.

I own a delicatessen and wish to purchase from you, can I do this online? This is not possible at this time; we are working towards that facility but until this is available please call our warehouse on (03) 9480 6266, email us or fax a request to (03) 9480 0201 and we will direct a sales representative to you to ascertain your needs.

Do you use Australian Pork? All of our products are made using only Australian Pork, Lamb and Chicken. We are proud to partner Australian Pork Ltd. by being licenced by them to show, on our Pork products, their distinctive Pink Pork Label as proof that we only use Australian grown Pork.