Barkly Smokehouse Christmas Offer

We are happy to provide all members of the Carlton Football Club with the opportunity to purchase our Grandmother Ham at an advantageous price for this Christmas

Offer available until sold out!

Buy our Grandmother Ham for this Christmas and select your nearest store for Pick-up

Barkly Smokehouse

Christmas Hamper

Barkly Smokehouse
Full Grandmother Ham (min 4.5kg)

Christmas Glaze
made for Barkly Smokehouse
by Jam Lady Jam

Packet of Cloves; Basting Brush;
Ham Bag

All Packed into a Cooler Bag

From $ 112.5 for 4.5 Kg Ham



* Box not included

Barkly Smokehouse

That's Amore Hamper

Barkly Smokehouse
Half Grandmother Ham (min 2Kg)
Smoked Chicken Breast Fillet;
Mini Cheese Kransky Pack;
Kabana; Ham Bag
That's Amore Cheese
Caciotta Cheese; Diavoletti Cheese;
Cacio Chilli Cheese; Buffalotto Cheese

All packed into a Cooler Bag



* Box not included

From $ 112.5 for 4.5 Kg Ham


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